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Name Ironclads

Associated Records

1996.018 - 1996.018

Signed letter, four pages, octavo, April 14, 1862, written to an unnamed cousin regarding the battle between the USS Monitor and the USS Virginia (formerly Merrimack) at the Battle of Hampton Roads.

1999.133 - 1999.133

Holcomb wrote this letter on April 10, 1862 giving a thorough account of the actions at Hampton Roads, Virginia on March 8, 1862. On that date the CSS Virginia, previously the USS Merrimack, destroyed two Union ships in the vessel's trial voyage as a Confederate ironclad. Holcomb, who was on one of the ships, the Congress, wrote of firing at her but the balls "striking her but having no more effect upon her than peas. . . ." The Virginia, which Holcomb calls the Merrimack, returned the fire "dismounting several of our guns & killing about 30 men. . . ." Subsequently the Captain of the Confederate ship demanded the surrender of another Union ship, the Cumberland. When the demand was refu

2008.087 - 2008.087

Fannie Campbell was a Federal nurse on the U.S.S. Kennebec when she wrote this letter on August 7, 1862. The letter covers her experiences from July 1 to August 7 and was addressed to Rev. T. E. Vermilge of New York. She describes caring for the wounded and gives a detailed description of the U.S.S. Monitor.